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Fragas do Eume
Fraga do Eume

Legend has it that when God created the rivers, he ordered three to be born together in the Serra do Xistral, although the sources flow from the same place, he gave them different slopes, gave them divine status, and names with Greek resonances: the Landro, the Masma, and the Eume whose waters fall towards the west.

The three rivers agreed to rest on the road, a pact that only the Eume fulfilled. When he found out about the deception, he accelerated his march through A Capela and Caaveiro in anger, carving the famous canyons and creating the microclimate where the spectacular Atlantic forest of Fragas do Eume rises.

The Fragas do Eume are a unique ecosystem in Europe, a real jewel. Grouped on the banks of the river of the same name (84 km long), the arboreal extension is the main sample of an ecological system, the Atlantic forest, so specific thanks to the proximity of the sea and the deep banks of the river, that in 1997 it became a Natural Park. It is, therefore, a protected area, but one that can be visited, offering pleasant surprises to those who walk through it.